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ARTISTIC research

"A charismatic artist whose performances touch me deeply"

– Rax Rinnekangas, film director  

"The artist Naiara De La Puente at the 17th
Latin GRAMMY Awards"
– Diario de Noticias de Álava

Naiara De La Puente is a highly acclaimed contemporary accordionist from Spain. With a strong academic background, she is finalizing an artistic doctorate at the Sibelius Academy - University of the Arts Helsinki with a focus on the role of the accordion in contemporary chamber music. 

De La Puente is known for her versatile approach to music, transcending traditional genre restrictions. With a primary focus on contemporary accordion music, she has premiered works by composers such as Félix Ibarrondo, Ramón Lazkano, Aurélio Edler Copês and Irene Galindo Quero. Recently, she has been working with Ensemble Sinkro (Vitoria-Gasteiz) at the Composition Atelier of University of Paris VIII under the guidance of J.M López López.


Naiara has given solo recitals at prestigious venues and festivals both in Spain and abroad. Her diverse musical interests have led her to participate in a variety of musical projects and ensembles, from classical to contemporary performance, and multidisciplinary projects. She was a founding member of the contemporary music group Krater Ensemble and, most recently, Akartia Trio and Stratos Project.

Currently, Naiara is pursuing an artistic doctorate at the University of the Arts Helsinki - Sibelius Academy, focusing

on the role of the accordion in contemporary chamber music.





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