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"A charismatic artist whose performances touch me deeply"

- Rax Rinnekangas, film director  

"The artist Naiara De La Puente at the 17th

Latin GRAMMY Awards"

- Diario de Noticias de Álava

Naiara De La Puente is one of Spain's most renowned contemporary accordionists.


De La Puente is known for working diversely in music — regardless of traditional genre restrictions. With primary focus in contemporary accordion music, he has premiered music by F. Ibarrondo, R. Lazkano or A. Edler Copês​. Her last premieres include “a campo abierto” chamber opera by Irene Galindo Quero in Teatros del Canal, Madrid.

Her musical interests have led her to take part in different kind of musical projects and ensembles, from classical to contemporary performance, including multidisciplinary projects with visuals arts and poetry. Winner of music awards in several international competitions, she has been invited to perform and record with outstanding musicians. She is member of Krater and SMASH ensembles.

Currently, Naiara is pursuing an artistic doctorate at the University of the Arts Helsinki - Sibelius Academy, focusing

on the role of the accordion in Finnish contemporary chamber music.


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